23 January - 5 February 2019

SKV begins Co-Design project with Srishti Bangalore

SKV and Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology embarked on an ambitious four month co-design project. The Srishti students began by learning about the traditions of their artisan designer partners.

"We learned weaving, printing, bandhani, batik and embroidery. The design education program at SKV is a wonderful method for expanding the capacity of artisans and increasing the value of these beautiful crafts" ~ Milauni Shodhan, Srishti

8 December 2018

Kala Umang! 2018

14 January - 24 February 2019

Class of 2019 completes two courses

9 December,
8-9 January,
22 January,
28 January -1 February,
18 February

Winter Workshops