SKV seeks Visiting Faculty to teach a range of design, business and management topics. Classes run for two weeks intensive on our residential campus.

We seek experience in action-based as well as practical education, but more importantly we seek individuals ready to learn from artisans, and work in a team to develop a new institution. We want teachers who can say, “I’ve never done this before!”.

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SKV seeks entries in our data base for: Buyers, Designers, and Suppliers. This will create a network to support the development of artisan designers.

Work with an SKV graduate

SKV seeks opportunities for graduates, highly skilled artisans with design and business education, which can be carried out with our guidance. Graduates will appreciate win-win internships or projects that recognize their capacity and may establish long-term links with clients.

*Craft based organization will have the opportunity to work with creative artisans educated in design, business and management.
*SKV graduates will have the opportunity to work professionally and gain further experience in design entrepreneurship.


Working with artisan designers is rewarding. Stay with SKV and volunteer your expertise. We have a variety of projects ready, or you can tailor-make your own.

Become a friend of SKV

SKV plans to establish an international Friends group to mobilize funds and human resources. Help us find a team of active, dedicated members.


We have an ambitious road ahead- building a new campus, and developing a range of programs for artisans and others. We offer education free to traditional artisan women, and for a token fee to traditional artisan men. This year, in addition to our capital campaign, we have the challenge of raising over $32,000, to operate our programs. Think now about making a tax-deductible gift!

Your generous contribution can help! You can make a difference in the lives of our very creative and courageous students!! Sponsor an Artisan Student and enjoy his/her success for just Rs 70,000 ($ 1,135). Every contribution in affordable increments will count!

Contact for details. With your support, we will surely take education for artisans forward.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.
― Mahatma Gandhi

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