SKV's success in raising the value of art and artisan is the success of its graduate artisans.

Somaiya Kala Vidya students and graduates create exclusive textiles combining outstanding contemporary design with excellent technical quality, and have increased their market reach and incomes through the benefit of their education. They have been honoured with awards for excellence and invitations to participate in international programs.

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SKV alumni have in many ways set the standards for contemporary craft in Kutch. They have become true guardians of cultural heritage.

At the same time, education addresses the individual, and our programs encourage individuals to find their own voices within the tradition. A key goal of design education has been to temper age-old competition between artisans with diversification. As individual styles emerge, diversity increases, and so do sales.

Alumni have also built networks for collaboration through their close contact during studies. They are the vanguards of Co-Design.


The first women BMA students were acutely aware of their limitations. While the question for the men is how to grow their business, for the women, it is how to circumvent all the real and imagined obstacles and start? The class decided to pool their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. With the help of IRMA intern Sahithi Katikaneni, they formed a group Sahasra - "New Beginning."

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