02-10 April 2018

SKV Co-Design in Madison WI

To conclude the second phase of the SKV- University of Wisconsin Madison collaboration, Dr. Jennifer Angus, Faculty of UWM, received a grant to bring SKV participants to Madison Wisconsin. At the University, Zakiyaben Khatri conducted two live co-design sessions and met many of last year’s co-design partners face to face. Judy Frater, Zakiyaben, Dr. Jennifer, Erica Hess, and Griffen- a co-design partner, presented a panel on multi-faceted experiences of co-design. This previewed a panel on co-design that the SKV-UWM team will present at the September Textile Society of America Symposium.


06-8 September 2018- SKV Outreach Exhibition, Chennai
27-28 October 2018 - SKV Open Studio Tours
01-04 November 2018 - SKV Design Exhibition, Ahmedabad
19-21 November 2018 - SKV Ajrakh printing workshop
08 December 2018 - Kala Umang! 2018
28 January- 01 February 2019 - SKV weaving workshop

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