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Nitesh Namoribhai Vankar
Weaving, 2009

Tal.: Bhuj Kutch

+91 98252 22134

Design Craft > Members > Vankar Nitesh Namoribhai DC Profile

Nitesh left school to work with his father. He had learned much about weaving by observation from childhood. His father taught him the rest. The entire family as well as six to eight weavers, are involved in the business. Nitesh has visited many cities in India, selling their products in exhibitions. He feels that weaving is a necessity and should continue forever. Further, it offers independence to the artisan, and has no age limit.

Nitesh believes that a good artisan should know everything about weaving, including dyeing and presenting work. He thinks that design should be traditional but with some contemporary modification. He also feels that there should be designs and prices for all social classes.

Today, hand weavers fear competition from power looms, do to cheap factory production. But Nitesh knows that a power loom can not produce a good design or do hand inserted motifs.

Power loom products can be sold in the local market, he says, while hand woven products can be sold at better places.

Nitesh’s father graduated from KRV in 2009. In 2010, he took the course. He graduated with the award for Best Presentation.

After graduating, Nitesh joined his father in a new venture to seek new markets. They quickly reached one milestone: an order from Fabindia. Soon they were working with other imaginative designers.

Nitesh’s distinctive use of fine line and minimalist layout have been signatures. He has also experimented with ikat dyeing and fresh colour combinations.

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"I will be sitting on the loom till the last breathe of my life"

Nitesh, 2009