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Suresh Parbat Vankar
Weaving, 2016

Born: 16-4-1989
Education: 9th standard

ta. Bhuj
Phone: 78741 25241

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Suresh's family are fourth generation weavers. Sarli once had over 200 weaver families. Today, less than 50 houses have looms. Suresh and his father have two looms, and mostly weave acrylic shawls for the local market.

Suresh's parents wanted him to study. After10th standard they sent him for a two-month certificate course in industrial training. Completing it, Suresh got a job offer. But a large bribe was required for the appointment letter, so he decided he preferred his own business.

Suresh has been weaving with his father for over a decade. He believes that weaving is more than livelihood; it is also a means of protecting traditions and values. He dreams of taking his craft beyond India to the world.

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"I used to make products in acrylic, but after attending two SKV classes, I realized that good design and materials bring happiness"

Suresh, 2016