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Suleman Umarfaruqbhai Khatri
Bandhani, 2008

Ta. Nakhatrana

+91 99097 28958

Design Craft > Members > Suleman Umarfaruqbhai Khatri DC Profile

Suleman belongs to a Khatri family of Bhadli village, ta. Nakhatrana, Kutch. Initially, the family made the traditional woollen ludi for Rabari women, but when an exporter introduced them to synthetic colours and gave them an order of 2000 pieces, the business began to grow. Suleman was busy with education. After graduation, he pursued an LL.B. However, he didn’t find the occupation of a lawyer very honest and ethical. Meanwhile, his younger brother Aziz required an educated person to manage the business. So Suleman joined the family bandhani business. He began with business aspects, then learned the art. Three years of hard work made him a good artisan. Now, he and Aziz share most of the work. Suleman has traveled through India, and to Dubai for business and marketing.

He believes that the future of bandhani is very good if they don’t stick to traditional style. Artisans must understand the changing needs of the market and adapt.

A good artisan must have a constant desire to learn new things and improve his art, he says. Good design is appreciated by customers and enjoyed by the artisan.

In 2008 Suleman attended KRV. Since graduating in 2008, Suleman has become successful and he and Aziz are well known as the “Bhadli Brothers.” Their styles complement each other, to create a wide range of excellent traditional classics, and exciting contemporary work. Suleman has worked with many designers and international clients.

In 2016 he hopes to attend the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe.

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"My art is my identity. It gives us popularity and recognition. People from all over the world come to our village and appreciate our art. Our art enables us to remain independent."

"The education of KRV changed Aziz’s work and mine. It changed my perception of my tradition. I understand the value of my tradition like never before."

Suleman, 2008