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Sohel Anwar Khatri
Ajrakh printing,2015

Ajrakhpur, Paddhar
Ta. Bhuj, Kutch 370 105

+91 81413 04640

Design Craft > Members > Sohel Anwar Khatri DC Profile

Sohel's family does job work for larger ajrakh businesses, but today largely purchases and sells printed fabrics. Bored with school, after 9th standard Sohel went to Mumbai and worked in a mobile phone store. When the job lost its appeal, he returned to Kutch, learned printing and dying, and now does ajrakh job labour.

But Sohel dreams of setting up a family workshop where he can do his own designs. In 2015, he studied design at Somaiya Kala Vidya. For his 2016 collection he created innovative saris and dupattas, using the theme "Tradition with New."

Sohel's focus is in creating new shapes and three-D patterns, using traditional ajrakh vocabulary. He made imaginative variations in saris and dupattas.

Sohel's collection won the award for Most Innovative Collection. He also won the award for highest sales in the Mumbai exhibition.

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"A good artisan should be imaginative and enjoy his work. I only have a small printing table but I will do quality work."

Sohel, 2015