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Ravji Lakhmshi Meriya
Weaving, 2015

Rampar Vekra
Ta. Bhuj, Kutch

+91 99097 25404

Design Craft > Members > Ravji Lakhmshi Meriya DC Profile

Ravji's grandfather wove traditional blankets for local communities. His father had a shop. In the last 15 years, the looms of Rampar declined from 30 to 5. But Ravji believes the future of weaving is good if artisans can reach a higher market.

Ravji learned weaving at an early age. He left school after 6th standard, helped in his father's shop, did job work weaving for several years, and in 2012 started his own business weaving acrylic shawls for the local market. He aspires now to that higher market.

For his 2016 collection, Ravji wove innovative bags with the theme "The Happiness of Childhood."

He played with colour contrast and new motifs in addition to creating a bag woven on the loom and shaped with only hand joining stitching. Ravji’s dancing model sequence stole the fashion show!

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"I am my weaving; it is me. It is my livelihood, my means to being known."

Ravji, 2015