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Poonam Arjanbhai Vankar
Weaving, 2015

Mota Varnora, Post Chapredi
Ta. Bhuj, Kutch 370 105

+91 99793 98651

Design Craft > Members > Poonam Arjanbhai Vankar DC Profile

When he was 12, Poonam began weaving to support his family. At 19, with no savings or business experience, he contacted DCH and was invited to an exhibition in Guwahati.

Poonam did not know where Guwahati was, but he went, and he earned. Today he attends exhibitions all over India. Recently, he received a government National Merit Award.

Poonam wants to create a brand that will give him social respect, and travel abroad.

In 2015, Poonam studied design at Somaiya Kala Vidya.

For his 2016 collection, Poonam wove shawls and stoles inspired by "Air.” He used a fresh pastel palette, and created texture with ikat dyeing, wool and tassar silk. During his final jury, Ritu Kumar liked his collection so much she used it in one of her fashion shows!

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"A good design is one that no one, not even the artisan who made it, can copy exactly."

Poonambhai, 2015