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Pachan Premji Siju
Weaving, 2015

4/38, Vankar Vas 1, Bhujodi
Ta. Bhuj, Kutch 370 020

+91 99094 98025

Design Craft > Members > Pachan Premji Siju DC Profile

When Pachan was young, he lost his father, a master weaver. He began weaving to support the family, then joined a factory for better wages. But that environment affected his health, so he returned to weaving.

Meanwhile Pachan's brother Puroshottam took the design course, and the brothers began a weaving business. Pachan had woven for 9 years but had never left Kutch. Now he wants to add value to their business.

In 2015, Pachan studied Design at SKV. He received the award for Most Marketable Collection.

For his 2016 collection, Pachan wove delicate saris and stoles with the theme "Treasures of the Sea." He introduced soft bamboo fibers, playful fish motifs and subtle monochromatic cool colours.

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"Weaving is a thread that links me and my brothers. Before, I thought Design was a fixed notion. Now I am able to play!"

Pachan, 2015