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Mustak Junas Khatri
Ajrakh print, 2016

Born: 23-8-1993
Education: 7th standard

Ta. Bhuj 370105
Phone: 96384 88960

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Mustak's father made umarvalo bandhani for Ahir women's skirts in Sumrasar. When Ahirs stopped using the fabric, he established two grocery shops. Mustak wanted to become an engineer but had to leave school after 7th standard to work in the shop.

In 2012 the family shifted to Ajrakhpur, and Mustak's father began trading yardage. Mustak worked in Mumbai as a salesman, to support the family. He returned to join his father's business, but his brother-in-law suggested that he print ajrakh. So Mustak learned block printing and dyeing.

For two years he did job work printing for others but Mustak dreamed of starting his own shop with his own products. The SKV design course was a step toward fulfilling that dream. His work now sells in metro cities.

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"I learned to think about attracting customers, to understand how people in cities think"

Mustak, 2016