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Mustafa Khalid Khatri
Block printing,2015

Ajrakhpur, Paddhar
Ta. Bhuj, Kutch 370 105

+91 99097 31360

Design Craft > Members > Mustafa Khalid Khatri DC Profile

After the earthquake of 2001 Mustafa's father did printing job work. He shifted to construction work, but Mustafa didn't like his father doing labour work. He urged him to re-start their business, and within a year, Mustafa and his father built their own workshop. They now subcontract for larger businesses.

Mustafa feels that job work artisans can be exploited, but new design work and sampling are different. He is eager to have a direct link to markets.

In 2015, Mustafa studied at Somaiya Kala Vidya. For his 2016 collection, he created home furnishings with the theme "Lifestyle of the King."

Mustafa shared the award for Best Presentation. Mustafa designed his own simple, elegant pattern, and experimented with layout and colour interaction.

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"My name is from my craft. I don’t want to be good, but the best!"

Mustafa, 2015