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Mukhtar Jakriya Khatri
Bandhani, 2016

Born: 19-10-1991
Education: 9th standard

Ekta Nagar-2,
Motapir Rd, Bhuj 370001
Phone: 96873 88477

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Mukhtar's family are well known bandhani artisans from Tera. His father and brother both have national awards for bandhani.

Mukhtar wanted to set up a shop for bandhani products, so he left his studies after 9th standard and took a job as a cloth salesman to learn marketing, and learned bandhani from his father and brothers. But his father passed away, and Mukhtar and two brothers had to do job work.

Today they balance job work and work of their own. For Mukhtar, bandhani is not only a means of earning, but also a way of realizing his dream of becoming recognized as an artisan. In 2016, he took the SKV course to further that dream. He has sold his sari designs at Aza in Mumbai.

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"We thought we were at the end. Now, we realize we are at the beginning! I learned the importance of design in making traditional new."

Mukhtar, 2016