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Mubeen Abdul Gafur Khatri
Ajrakh print, 2016

Born: 3-9-1995
Education: 8th standard

Ta. Bhuj, Kutch 370105
Phone: 99980 70622

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Mubeen's family are bandhani artisans from Bhadli. His father lived in Mumbai and Dhamadka for over fifteen years, doing job work printing. When Mubeen was in second standard the family reunited and shifted to Ajrakhpur. Within a few years, however, his father became ill. Mubeen went to Mumbai to earn for the family. After three years he returned to Kutch, and worked as a salesman in Bhuj.

But Mubeen wanted to do something of his own. He learned printing from KRV design graduates. As he gained confidence, he made a small workshop and employed two people. Mubeen joined SKV for guidance in developing his business. His collection sold well in both Ahmedabad and Delhi exhibitions. In February 2017. He participated in a Sangam international workshop on narratives.

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"A good artisan learns something new every day and implements it in his work."

Mubeen, 2016