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Kunvarben Bhikhabhai Rabari
Dhebaria Rabari, 2009

Keshav Nagar Lodai
Ta. Bhuj Kutch

+91 99783 23158

Design Craft > Members > Kunvarben Bhikhabhai Rabari DC Profile

Kuvarben was born in Harodi. In childhood she migrated with the family herd of sheep and goats, and she continued to migrate after marriage.

Kuvarben has two sons, two daughters, and 2 grandchildren. Her husband sold his herd and retired. Her son has a flour mill, some cows and 10-15 camels. Kuvarben learned embroidery from her mother and sisters, who are married in Bhadroi. She embroidered a toran set, she recalls, and many densely stitched traditional pieces. After the community elders banned traditional work, she did stitching for income. Later, she and her daughters-inlaw joined Kala Raksha when the narrative project was in process.

According to Kuvarben, a good artisan can do dense stitching and uses many bright colours. Today, she sees embroidery as livelihood. In the future, God knows. "Today you have to print patterns for young women," she observes ruefully. She herself would still embroider even if she wasn’t paid, she vows.

Kuvarben enjoys learning design. "What else can our uneducated people do?" She wants to go outside, to see Delhi, the world! she says.

In 2009 Kuvarben studied at Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya.

Known for wild imagination, after graduating Kuvarben participated in the Co-Creation Squared project and fashion show. She now works independently.

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"I have been as far as Madhya Pradesh, and I have seen Kolkata, The whole world comes between."

"Today you have to print patterns for young women"

Kunvarben, 2009