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Anwar Hussain A Rajaqbhai Khatri
Batik Print, 2010

Tal. Mundra- Bhuj Kutch

+91 9727328135

Design Craft > Members > Khatri Anwar Hussain DC Profile

Anwar has worked in Batik since 1999. His father was a Master craftsman. Anwar regrets that he didn’t learn from him. But as a student, he observed his father and occasionally assisted. After high school, he worked in a Medical store for a year and then joined his father’s traditional business. Anwar loves batik. The craft of batik is in his veins. He also feels that it is good to help the family in their traditional business.

Today he works with his brothers and an uncle. They employ eight workers, and produce whatever is demanded by the market. They receive orders from Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Irode and local towns of Kutch.

However, they often struggle economically. After the 2001 earthquake, Anwar’s workshop was closed, so he learned tailoring, which he still practices. According to Anwar, a good artisan should be able to learn anytime and anywhere. He should be honest and never compromise the quality of his work. Earlier, Anwar says, artisans didn‘t observe, but derived designs from old pieces.

Anwar used to feel that design should be according to the market and people’s choices. But now he thinks that design should combine tradition and modernity.

Anwar has many dreams for Batik. He wants to take his craft to Delhi Fashion Week and other National and International shows. He wanted to study at NIFD but was not able to afford the fees nor the full time the course required. In 2010, he studied at Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya, graduating with the award for Best Student.

After graduating, Anwar has taught workshops in batik, and sold his designs widely.

In 2013, he participated in the event Co-Creation Squared in Mumbai.

He has specialized in creating fresh looks for batik, using a variety of fabrics.

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"When we open our eyes each day, we see colors and prints."

"Tradition should be given a new look through innovation"

Anwar Hussain, 2010