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Khatri Abdulla Ealiyas
Bandhani, 2009

Rajendra Nagar
Ta. Bhuj, Kutch

+91 99095 83382

Design Craft > Members > Khatri Abdulla Ealiyas DC Profile

Abdulla is from a family of dyers and printers from Chobari, Bhachau taluka. They shifted to Bhuj during a drought and left dyeing to begin to sell eggs. Abdulla’s father studied to become a Maulana. Three of his brothers followed him, and today the family is highly respected for their religious knowledge.

Abdulla studied to 7th standard. Inspired by their father and the good remuneration in bandhani, he and his twin brother decided to revive their traditional bandhani skills. Abdulla started learning bandhani from Gulambhai, an SKV advisor. He likes traditional bandhani designs, and he believes that a good bandhani artisan should produce good quality, understand colour, and be expert in dyeing. A good artisan should also have some exposure to the market, he says.

Abdulla feels that the art of dyeing is in his blood.

Abdulla wanted to learn more. His dream was to begin his own bandhani workshop with his twin brother.

In 2009, he studied at Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya.

After graduating, Abdulla experimented with hand painting, bright colours. Finally, he focused on fine, all over patterning.

Abdulla has exhibited his work all over India, and sells to designers and shops. In 2013, he participated in the Co-Creation Squared fashion show in Mumbai, drawing inspiration from Damyantiben’s suf patterns, and making skirts in collaboration with Anju Modi.

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"If you are prepared to work hard, bandhani work is full of opportunity. We need to innovate in order to satisfy market needs"

Abdulla, 2009