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Khalid Usman Khatri
Ajrakh Printing, 2017

Born: 18-9-1976
Education: 8th standard

Ajarakhpur, Paddhar, Bhuj Kutch 370105

Phone: +91 9727322977

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Khalid learned printing from his father, renowned artist U.S. Khatri, when he was 15, and worked with him for ten years. When the 2001 earthquake claimed his father, he moved to Ajrakhpur and started over, printing for wages.

But Khalid wanted his own business. His son studied at SKV, and they began. "Talent is hereditary," Khalid says. "I inherited my father's; I see it in my son." But SKV's impact on his son gave him dreams. Now he wants to create unique ajrakh.

Khalid did more than that at SKV. He created masterpieces of geometry, with excellence in printing and dyeing. His final collection, “Unity in Diversity,”inspired by the international trend, Along the Bosporus, sold well in Ahmedabad and Delhi, and he graduated from SKV with awards for Best Collection, Best Student and Highest Exhibition Sale.

"I was afraid of being copied,” he says. “Now I have confidence to make unlimited designs."

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"Artisans don't know their capacity. At SKV their minds open and they can do new work."

Khalid, 2017