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Juned Husen Khatri
Ajrakh print, 2016

Born: 8-5-1995
Education: 10th standard

Tal. Bhuj Kutch 370105
Phone: 99259 33647

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Juned's family did not practice their traditional profession until Juned's father Husenbhai learned printing after marriage. Husenbhai did job work printing from then until health issues prohibited it, first in Dhamadka, and then in Ajrakhpur.

Juned's family needed income, so after 10th standard, he learned printing from his uncle. But he did not enjoy job work, and went to Mumbai to work as a salesman. However, he realized that he could not earn more in Mumbai than in Ajrakhpur. So he returned.

Juned saw his father print for others and then did job work himself. He thought beyond income, dreamed of setting up his own workshop where he can design and make what he wants, and now has begun his dream.

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"A good artisan should take challenges, make new designs and become successful."

Juned, 2016