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Izaz Ahemad Anish Khatri
Bandhani, 2016

Born: 13-1-1998
Education: 11th standard

New Hathi Sthan School, Ghanchi Faliya,
Hajam Street, Bhuj-370001
Phone: 74055 31689

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Izaz loves to learn. He did well in 10th standard, dreamed of becoming an engineer, and chose science for further study. But he did not do well in his next exam, and this destroyed his interest in education.

Izaz joined his father in their traditional business. Having grown up surrounded by bandhani, he found that he already knew a lot. And he found the science he loved in dyeing.

Izaz feels that a good artisan is ethical. He respects others' work, never copies, and inspires and teaches others. It is artisans' responsibility to bring new designs to the market, he says.

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"People who do not know me presently, will know me for my exclusive designs in the future"

Izaz, 2016