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Hariyaben Uttamchand Bhanani
Patchwork, BMA 2014

Parkar Vas Sumrasar Sekh
Bhuj, Kutch

+91 96388 20194

Design Craft > Members > Hariyaben Uttamchand Bhanani DC Profile

Hariyaben was born in Thar Patiya, Pakistan She was 8 when her family came to India. They were in a refugee camp in Bakasar Rajasthan 7 years. Then she got married and came to Jura camp. She was there 2 years and then came to Sumrasar. Hariyaben was not educated. There was no school in Bakasar. She learned stitching from her mother- suf and kharek embroidery, appliqué, and sewing. She sold her own things for nothing to guides because she didn't know the value. "I feel bad," she says. "It was old, traditional work. “It would have been an important resource.”

In Sumrasar, Hariyaben did commercial embroidery for Shrujan and Gurjari. When the Dastkar Kutch Project came she joined it, and then Kala Raksha. She is one of the original Kala Raksha Trustees. Hariyaben was the first Kala Raksha artisan to go out to an exhibition, in Chandigadh. Then she went to Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, where she received the prize for best game from the Crafts Council of India.

"A good artisan must love the work", Hariyaben says. She must work well, and she must have new ideas. Good work has a method to it. Good design is not told by words and explanation. It speaks itself.

Hariyaben feels that art is identity. "When we go out it is how people know us. Today's girls know suf technique but not traditional motifs. We should teach them so they know." Old work wasn't fine, she says, but it was exemplary. There were many motifs in a piece, and many colours. Hariyaben did suf work until the earthquake, after which she began appliqué and patchwork. She feels that the art is increasing. Artisans make new products, even for dowries. Our art can't die, she says. We need it for home and household. But, she says, she didn't know anything about outsider's taste. In 2009, Hariyaben studied at Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya. At KRV she says they learned from each other. "We can receive orders now. The main thing is that we can talk about our work. If you pay attention you can benefit."

Hariyaben was a mentor at KRV. She initiated the upcycling line, and represented artisans at the Artisan Design launch in 2011. In 2013, she participated in Co-Creation Squared, an exclusive fashion show in Mumbai. In 2014, Hariyaben completed the BMA course at SKV. “To do business, we need materials, money, knowledge, and clients.”

Hariyaben’s 2015 collection is inspired by the date palm. After presenting to the SKV jury, and participating in a public seminar, Hariyaben received her certificate in Business and Management for Artisans from Somaiya Kala Vidya on 31 January, 2015.

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"To do business, we need materials, money, knowledge, and clients."