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Fahd Gulam Khatri
Bandhani, 2016

Born: 19-10-1995
Education: 10 + diploma software

152/3 Heena Park 2, Sural Bhit Road
Bhuj Kutch 370001
Phone: 90336 30893

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Neither side of Fahd's family had practiced bandhani for generations. His father began a bandhani business after his marriage. Fahd finished 10th standard and began a course in engineering, but his father needed help so he left it, and learned bandhani. Today, he manages his father's large workshop.

Bandhani has already gone a long way from traditional, Fahd says. Following his brother Talha, he took the SKV Design course to see where he could take it. He dreams of keeping his father's name for quality craft, and establishing a new name for himself and his brother. He created shoes for the SKV sequence at the 2017 Lakme Fashion Week, and participated in a Sangam international conference on narratives the same year.

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"I saw my brother and was attracted to the new methods. It was more than I expected. "

Fahd, 2016