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Dilip Dahyalal Kudecha
Weaving, 2017

Born: 24-8-1994
Education: B Com

5/132, Vankar Vas
Bhujodi, Kutch 270 020
Phone: +91 9586767713

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From childhood, Dilip was interested in weaving. He learned by playing and wanted to experiment. During school, he would practice on the family loom when it was free. Dilip's father wanted him to study further. But he wanted to weave. "Weaving is identity and livelihood," he says. "Our Kutch weaving is like handwriting. We each have a unique look."

Dilip likes challenges. "I will do something new, as much as I can in SKV," he says. "Then I will join my father.

And that is just what he did. Dilip wove a beautiful collection inspired by the trend Along the Bosporous, which he called “Golden Age.” His debut was well received. Dilip graduated from SKV in November 2017, with the award for Most Marketable Collection. He now adds his inspirations to weaving with his father.

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"I am the new generation. I can bring that perspective."

Dilip, 2017