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Dayalal Atmaram Kudecha
Weaving, BMA 2014


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Design Craft > Members > Dayalal Atmaram Kudecha DC Profile

Dayabhai belongs to a traditional weaver’s family. When he was young, his father was engaged with salt making in the village Khari Rohar. The family migrated to Bhujodi, a weaving village near the district capital Bhuj for medical treatment of his father, and when Dayabhai experienced the env- ironment of his traditional art, he decided to learn weaving. He learned initial techniques from his brother-in-law. Later, he continued to learn by experimentation. Dayabhai worked under a master weaver and earned his livelihood by weaving traditional and contemporary designs for over 25 years. But he always had two dreams: higher education for his son, and to become an independent artist. He began learning design after the 2001 Kutch earthquake.

In 2008 Dayabhai studied at KRV. He learned to innovate within his tradit- ion, and to take creative risks. After graduating, Dayabhai became a KRV faculty member in 2010. Since then he has taught design to traditional artisans, and conducted weaving workshops for international students. In August 2013 he participated in Co-Creation Squared, a fashion show in Mumbai.

Dayabhai has grown from job worker to entrepreneur. In 2013 he attended an international weavers’ conference in Peru. In 2014 he attended the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market. In 2014, Dayabhai joined Somaiya Kala Vidya as a design faculty member. He began by taking the Business and Management for Artisans course as a faculty member in training. In his new role as Faculty at SKV, Dayabhai helped forge a highly effective partnership with weavers from Bagalkot District, Karnataka.

Dayabhai has enjoyed the pilot BMA course. His long-term dream is to run his own business. Since he studied design, he has been steadily reaching his goal. "To grow a business, we need to invest," he says. We have to bal- ance risk with return. "In this course, I learned the value of time and planning.-- and how to think more of satisfying the customer.” "I think my business is 60% new design, and 40% business knowhow. If I had taken this course without having taken the course in design, I would have become a trader.” Dayabhai’s collection is inspired by Bagalkot, a land of granite quarries, and home of the beloved Ilkal sari.

After presenting to the SKV jury, and participating in a public seminar, Dayabhai received his certificate in Business and Management for Artisans from Somaiya Kala Vidya on 31 January, 2015. He resumed teaching design and business as an SKV faculty member.

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"After completing the course at KRV, the fears we had about the survival of our craft in the industrial marketplace are completely gone."

"I enjoy my freedom as a weaver. I am proud to have shared our art with many people, and that my success has set an example for young people to continue or return to weaving."

Dayabhai, 2014