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Dahyabhai Motibhai Parmar
Weaving (tangalio), 2016

Born: 5-3-1965
Education: 12th standard

Bajana, ta. Dasada
Phone: 099749 43485

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For 200-300 years, Dahyabhai's family has been weaving tangalio, woolen skirts patterned with unique extra weft knots, for Bharvad shepherds.

Dahyabhai learned weaving from his father when there was more demand for tangalio than they could fill. Though he would have liked to study further, he began weaving to support the family once he finished 12th standard.

Dahyabhai ensured that his own children went to college. But several years ago, he stopped weaving to work in a factory because he could no longer earn enough. A local hotelier called him back to weave. Today tourism accounts for 80% of Dahyabhai's income. Since the SKV course he has been venturing into new markets.

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"Real money is earned from your own business.
I still use old technology and I like it! "

Dahyabhai, 2016