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Basir Fakirmamad Khatri
Bandhani, 2016

Born: 28-1-1985
Education: 11th standard

Khatri Chowk,
Phone: 98248 29641

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Basir's grandfather was a well known bandhani artist, but his father went to Muscat at age 20 to earn his living by trading. Basir learned bandhani from his uncle and through experiments while he was in school, and when he left school, began his own business. When it was stable, he went to Muscat and brought his father back to join him.

Basir has not sold directly in exhibitions. Of his choice, he works with fixed small-scale clients all over India.

He joined the SKV course to build his confidence as well as learn good design. He dreams of participating in the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market and making a vibrant brand, like that of his grandfather's. His market is already expanding into higher end areas.s

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"If we do large quantity, we don't get time to think of new ideas."

Basir, 2016