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Amir Jusab Khatri
Ajrakh Printing, 2017

Born: 6-7-1996
Education: 10th standard

Udubha Wadi, Dhamadaka, Ta. Bhachau, Kutch 370 105

Phone: +91 9638041594

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Amir's grandfather was a natural dye Ajrakh printer in Dhamadka. His father continues the tradition, selling his work locally.

Amir joined the family business, learning block printing from his father, and then natural dyeing. He wants to take his tradition forward, and expand business. He joined SKV to learn design. A good artisan, he says, creates new designs for the market, and a name for himself.

Amir is on his way to his goal. Using his own designs for contemporary blocks, he created a collection, “Nature the New Future,” which was appreciated in Ahmedabad. He graduated from SKV in November 2017.

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"A good design is one that remains popular"

Amir, 2017