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Abdul Vahab Haiderali Khatri

Born: 30-5-1999
Education: 12th Standard

Toyba Township, Khari Nadi Road, Bhuj, Kutch 370001

Phone: +91 90996 09248

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Vahab's father started a bandhani business to revive their family tradition and insure independence for his son.

Vahab began learning bandhani while in school. He wanted to come to SKV from that time, but his father wanted him to study further. Vahab studied to B Com first semester, sharing his time between college and dyeing.

He liked dyeing better, and joined SKV. “We should keep our tradition," he says. But he knows that innovation is the future.

In his year at SKV Vahab enthusiastically explored as much as he could. He designed a collection “Journey of Nature,” inspired by the international theme Casa Amarelo. In November 2017, Vahab graduated from SKV, ready to take forward his business.

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"A good artisan teaches others. He is not afraid of competition."

Abdul Vahab, 2017