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Rajesh Vishramji Siju
Weaving, BMA 2016

Born: 12/2/1985
Education: 9th standard

Ta. Bhuj, Kutch 370 105
Phone: 99258 46234

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Rajesh is the youngest son of a renowned weavers family in Bhujodi. His father Vishramji Valji and his brothers Hamirbhai and Shyamjibhai have received the National award for crafts.

Rajesh began weaving full time in 2004. He has participated in exhibitions and workshops across India, and learned indigo dyeing in Auroville. “My craft is very important to me,” he says. “It is our culture and heritage. Our present success is a result of efforts by our forefathers.”

Rajesh wanted to educate himself in relation to his craft. In 2009 he graduated from Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya with the award for Best Collection. In 2016, he took the SKV BMA Course. He developed a new collection using natural dyes and innovative textures. He also thought of creative ways to expand the family business and build a special niche for his own work within it.

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"The BMA course was 100% beneficial. I learned to plan ahead. I learned to think holistically. I think I can help my brothers"

Rajesh, 2016