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M. Hanif Abdul Majid Khatri
Bandhani, 2010

Bhuj, Kutch

+91 9624877298

Design Craft > Members > Khatri Mohmmad Hanif Abdul Majid DC Profile

Hanif originally worked with his father as an agent in their traditional bandhani craft. They would give work to tiers on a commission basis. Gradually, bandhani began to interest Hanif. When he failed his SSC exam, he lost interest in studying. He stayed in Bhuj with some artisans known as Khedoivalas for four months and learned dyeing. And at the age of nineteen, he started his own work shop without anyone’s help. Hanif employs two people and gets orders mostly from the Khedoivalas in Bhuj.

According to Hanif, a good artisan should be skilled in his craft and able to solve technical difficulties. He should also be gentle in his behavior.

Hanif’s dream to attend Fashion shows and Melas and to go abroad. The future of his craft, he feels, depends on people and market, as there is always much competition everywhere. But he is confidentThat if he can be different competition will not come in his way.

In 2010, Hanif studied at Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya, and graduated with the award for Most Promising Artisan!

After graduating, Hanif slowly began to build his own business. Today he has become enthusiastic and active, creating bold saris in bright colours with shibori technique. He participates in exhibitions and attends SKV design workshops.

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“When I began my design education, I wasn’t an artisan. Now, I am on my way.”

Hanif Khatri, 2010