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Zaeem Mustak Ahmad Khatri
Bandhani, 2017

Born: 23-11-1990
Education: B SC Chem

Wind Farm Road, Mandvi, Kutch,

Phone: +91 99985 93019

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Zaeem's grandfather was a bandhani artist. His father was an officer in Gramin Bank. Zaeem did a B.Chemistry and worked as an engineer for four years.

Then he returned to his family tradition. He felt that bandhani requires minimal investment, and he could learn, because bandhani is in his blood. In 2016 he started his workshop. The future of bandhani is good if one designs, Zaeem says. He dreams of a successful business, and the opportunity to travel.

Zaeem worked toward his goal during his year of study at SKV. He created a collection, “Royal Time,” inspired by the international trend Regal Safari. Zaeem graduated from SKV in November 2017, with the award for Best Presentation.

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"Bandhani is the past and the future. (And now it is also the present)"

Zaeem, 2017