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Ramesh Devsibhai Jepar
Weaving, 2016

Born: 20-10-1996
Education: 9th standard

Mota Varnora,
ta. Bhuj
Phone: 81419 12991

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Ramesh's father, a traditional weaver from Mota Varnora, makes his living largely by selling in exhibitions. He wanted to educate his children. But Ramesh, the eldest son, did not like studies. So, while his father was at an exhibition, Ramesh suddenly left school. He learned weaving from his father. In the first year he made 99 stoles and shawls, and all sold. He has been weaving for four years, and now he and his younger brother have taken over the weaving production.

Ramesh dreams of making a good living, and becoming famous for his work. He understands that certain high level people like handmade things. If we can reach that level, he says, our future is very good.

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"Weaving is not only a means of earning. It is also an emotional, traditional connection between us and our ancestors"

Ramesh, 2016