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Pratap Nanji Kharet
Weaving, 2017

Born: 8-3-1996
Education: 12th standard

Vankar Vas, Bhujodi, Kutch 370 020

Phone: +91 7874659647

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Pratap's father wove job work for many years. He started his own work in 1993. In 2003 he received the President's award for a shawl that took 9 months to weave.

Pratap did not want to weave. But he recalled his grandmother's words, 'God gave us the job of making cloth.' In 2016 the joint family divided. Pratap learned weaving and began to see a future in his heritage. Impressed with SKV's effect on his friend Pravin, he decided to study at SKV.

Pratap began to focus on his tradition in his year at SKV. He honed his weaving skills and created an appealing collection, “The Art of Nature,” inspired by the international trend Casa Amaraleo. Pratap graduated from SKV in November 2017, on his way to refreshing his family’s business.

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"My father struggled. I want to maintain his work and his name."

Pratap, 2017