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Parsotam Premji Vankar
Weaving, BMA 2016

Born: 9/4/1982
Education: 10th standard

Ta. Bhuj, Kutch 370 105
Phone: 9913058898

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Parsotam's grandfather was a renowned weaver. Parsotam learned weaving from his brother and father, but when his father died in 2000, he had to take a part time job. He dreamed of starting his own weaving studio with his brothers, and keeping alive his grandfather’s legacy.

In 2008, Parsotam studied design at Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya. He began his business, but struggled to survive and had to return to his job. Finally, a few years later, he succeeded in developing work that could sustain his family.

Parsotam believes that the market is crucial in the survival of an artisan. In 2016, he took the SKV BMA course. He developed a new, sophisticated collection. Using his experiences wisely, keeping his capacity in mind, Parsotam has steadily begun to make his mark.

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"The BMA gave me a chance to go forward. We need to face our fears, search for opportunities. I learned to consider details and analyze to increase my business."

Parsotam, 2016