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Mitesh Manji Sanjot
Weaving, 2017

Born: 1-7-1995
Education: 9th standard

Vankar Vas, Kotay, Kutch 370001

Phone: +91 9726368040

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Mitesh's father wove acrylic and wool shawls as job work for twenty years. Two years ago, he left weaving to work in Dena Bank. Mitesh studied to tenth standard, but he was interested in weaving. He learned from his father and has been doing job work weaving for six months.

Mitesh feels that weaving is a means to creating a unique identity in the market, and he dreams of starting his own business. He hopes that SKV launch him on his way.

Mitesh’s work matured in the year he studied at SKV, and he created a sophisticated collection he named “Nature is Golden,” based on the international trend Jardin des Plantes. Mitesh began to develop his own style, and graduated from SKV in November 2017 with the award for Most Promising Artisan.

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"A good artisan concentrates on his work, creates well-finished products and always innovates. "

Mitesh, 2017