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M. Hamja Hasan Khatri
Bandhani, 2017

Born: 23-7-1993
Education: B COM

Vithon, ta. Nakhtrana, Kutch 370 675

Phone: +91 9974605016

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Hamja's family made wool bandhani in western Kutch. His father still makes Rabari wool ludis, taking them to village women. Over time the family began to do cotton bandhani job work from Mandvi. Eight years ago they started working in silk, and then moved to Bhuj.

Hamja learned dyeing from his cousin. He wanted to take a challenge. Now he wants to do his own work. "Bandhani is my home," he says. "It is livelihood, identity and a means to success."

Studying at SKV, Hamja, was intrigued by the art of M. C. Escher. He created a bandhani collection, “Metamorphosis,” based on the trend Jardin des Plantes. Hamja graduated from SKV in November 2017, and is exploring the markets for quality bandhani.

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"The future of bandhani depends on the individual. I've already learned to do what I thought wasn't possible "

Hamja, 2017