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Khalil Ahemad Usman Khatri
Ajrakh Printing,2015

Ajrakhpur, Paddhar
Ta. Bhuj, Kutch 370 105

+91 95376 83317

Alumni > Alumni List > Khalil Ahemad Usman Khatri Profile

When Khalil's father, who had established the renowned wholesale printing business US Khatri, died in the earthquake of 2001, Khalil was taken to Ajrakhpur. He learned ajrakh through playing, and was eager to leave school and begin work.

Khalil's brothers do job work printing for others. But he wants something else. He saw the work and success of design graduates and decided to join the SKV course of 2015.

For his 2016 collection, Khalil created simple, sustainable jackets and skirts with the theme "Enjoy Nature."

He created fresh look for ajrakh with circular blocks arranged in fractile patterns, and strategic negative space.

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"Through my art I can show my creativity to the world. I know the fundamentals of design; I can apply them in new products."

Khalil, 2015