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Aslam Abdul Karim Khatri
Ajrakh print, BMA 2016

Born: 5-8-1995
Education: 10th standard

Ajarakhpur, Paddhar,
Ta. Bhuj, Kutch 370 105
Phone: 07874618615

Alumni > Alumni List > Aslam Abdul Karim Khatri Profile

Aslam learned printing and dyeing from his father, who does job work for larger ajrakh businesses. He wanted to study civil engineering, but could not. Restless, he went to Mumbai and worked as a salesman. When that became monotonous, he returned to Kutch.

Aslam dreamed of independence, to think, create, and sell in high-end markets. In 2015, he studied design at Somaiya Kala Vidya. He created a collection of saris and dupattas that jury member Ritu Kumar took into her fashion show in Rajasthan Heritage Week!

Aslam graduated with the award for Best Collection. In 2016, he took the SKV BMA Course. His second collection intelligently considered sustainability and production friendliness as well as aesthetics. He enjoyed the highest sales in a highly successful Delhi exhibition and has not looked back.

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"You have to be open to opportunities, observe details and plan. We are in a system, linked to others. Competition should bring up quality and value."

Aslam, 2016