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Akram Jusab Khatri
Ajrakh Printing, 2017

Born: 24-6-1999
Education: 11th standard

Barotwadi, Dhamadaka Ta. Bhachau, Kutch 370 105

+91 7600475035

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Akram's grandfather made sadla in Vagad. His father printed natural dye fabrics, then closed his workshop and started a cloth shop, soon moving on to wholesale marketing.

While in school, Akram learned block printing and dyeing, and two years ago he and a partner started a workshop. He feels that the future of Ajrakh is good. But competition is growing, so he joined SKV. He dreams of becoming a good designer and a good businessman. "Both are needed," he says.

Studying at SKV, Akram created a collection based on the international trend Jardin des Plantes, called “Nature’s Bounty.” He graduated from SKV in November 2017, and has gone on to add fresh ideas to his family business.

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"Ajrakh is more than livelihood. It is my tradition"

Akram, 2017